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So you're thinking about buying a TRX?

Let me help you out with that decision - buy one. Stop being fat, stop being lazy, and just buy a TRX already!

TRX Suspension Trainer

If you buy a TRX, I'll love you forever. And make love to you forever. Forever may seem like a long time, but if you start your new workout regime today then by tomorrow you'll probably look slightly more awesome. And let's face it, looking awesome is what we all want to achieve.

Do you even lift bro? Probably not, and once you buy a Discount TRX you probably technically won't lift either. It's just resistance training with a bunch of rubber, but it works, it'll make you into an adonis in a week. If you don't believe me, just ask Dr. Phil, he'll tell you all about how much greatness they've jam-packed into this product, especially if you pay him to say it, then he'll definitely repeat that back to you.

So obviously you've made up your mind now, and you're even going to buy a bulk amount of suspension trainers, then fork out for a Personal Trainer's course, and make the whole world a little bit more aesthetic. If you don't, then you're just being selfish, and you should feel ashamed of yourself. Seriously, if you don't do that, then you should go and cry yourself to sleep like your name is Dave Buscombe and Ann just told you you have to go to bed without supper.