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Welcome to My TRX Blog!

I've been using my TRX for quite some time now, almost a year infact, and I've really learned to love it. One year ago I was a fat overweight piece of crap, I looked like Chris White, and let's face it, nobody want's to look like that guy. I also had Jake Duncan's head, but the TRX wasn't able to fix that unfortunately.

What the TRX did do however was allow me to use it's world-class suspension training technology to sculpt my body into something incredible. Now I'm a machine, I get so many girls, they drool over my ab's, and the only person I have to thank isn't even a person, it's a suspension training system called the TRX.

So now I want to share it with the world - do you own a TRX? If not, are you retarded? You must be. Maybe your parents dropped you on your head, maybe they took it one step further and tried to microwave it, in any case, it's not too late - you too can get the body of your dreams by buying a TRX. You can buy one from this site, these guys rock, it's probably the cheapest on the web, and it's where I bought my new TRX from: TRX Suspension Training System.

I'm going to keep writing articles on here, because despite me now having an absolutely incredible physique, tonnes of muscle, and be bathing in bitches, I don't actually have a social life and would rather write blogs all day. Especially about the TRX, because I love those damn things!

Have you ever noticed how fat people waddle? Do you waddle? If you waddle, you should buy a TRX. It'll fix it - it fixed it for me. I walked like a penguin most of my life, now I'm a mountain of muscle with insane core-strength and mobility. Mobility gets the girls, like when you walk with a limp like an old-school pimp; If you mix that with muscle you're sure to get some action.